Tourism Organisation of Tivat


Tivat into a town in the late 19th century , the Naval arsenal in 1889. A little more than half a century later, the ” win ” it – tourists . In 1954. year . established the first tourist company in Tivat – ” Tours” and the building of the hotel ” Mimoza ” in 1958. year . formed the initial basis for the development of tourism in the municipality of Tivat .

In terms of accommodation kapacitata , Tivat has about 1,800 beds in hotels (six large and four small hotel) , of several of the thousands of beds in private accommodation ( apartments and rooms) , several resorts closed and three auto camp .

Tivat as a tourist destination is to have a recognizable image and to the development of the tourist profile of nautical tourism , sports and recreation , convention , cultural and others. In accordance with the Master Plan for development of Montenegrin tourism by 2020 goal is to increase the accommodation capacity, but those at the very top level of tourist attractions. The capacity of the private placement and the volume and quality have become a serious alternative to hotels and users of this level of accommodation becoming more and more foreign tourists .